Our clients can take advantage of our comprehensive services which are tailored to address their specific needs.

As a Fire Safety Consultant in Houston, Texas, Diffusion Fire Investigation and Safety Consultants offers the following services:

Safety Training Tailored to the Client’s Needs

Our team understands OSHA standards and the need for a safe workplace. We conduct safety training for our clients to ensure that they know what to do to avoid and prevent safety hazards.

OSHA General Industry 10 and 30-hour Training

We provide 10-hour and 30-hour OSHA General Industry training for employers and employees. Through this training, they can identify, avoid, and prevent health and safety risks in their workplaces associated with the general industry.

safety helmet

Safety Audits

We can conduct a safety audit to evaluate the different safety practices and programs in effect within a particular organization. Our auditors will identify potential issues, determine if the programs meet organizational goals, and forward an audit report to the client for action.

OSHA 300 Log Review

Employers fill out the OSHA 300 Log form to report all injuries and illnesses that happened in a workplace. Our team conducts a review to ensure that all injuries and illnesses are indeed reported as well as check other details relating to injured or sick employees. Our team will also help you maintain compliance with OSHA.

Emergency Management

Emergency Management should not be treated as an after-thought. With our experience in handling major disasters, we help you prepare for emergencies before they happen.

Accident Investigation

We will help you in determining the root cause of a particular accident, work-related injury or property damage. By determining the cause, we can establish possible precautions to prevent such accident from happening again.

CPR Training

We have certified trainers who will teach you the basics of CPR, an important life-saving technique. Group training sessions can be provided on the job site or the client’s office location upon request.

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