A Safe Work Environment: Employees with CPR Training

Going to work should be another safe environment where you can arrive and go home to your family unscathed. To comply with health and safety codes of practice, pride your workforce with Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Training, a lifetime skill your employees can learn to help save lives around them should the need arise. Restaurants Employees … Continue reading

OSHA Quick DBA Training

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Ignition Temperatures

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Ignition proccess

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Combustible Dust Explosions

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Undertermed Fires

from nfpa 921 Fire Investigators skill sets develop through continuous exposures to fire incidents. An overwhelming amount of fires are found to be undetermined. The experience of the investigator is a valuable qualification. Investigators knowledge is built from the experience of different fire scenes. Undetermined fires are relevant causes when the proper steps are used … Continue reading