A Safe Work Environment: Employees with CPR Training


Going to work should be another safe environment where you can arrive and go home to your family unscathed.

To comply with health and safety codes of practice, pride your workforce with Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Training, a lifetime skill your employees can learn to help save lives around them should the need arise.

  • Restaurants
    Employees of restaurants and dining establishments should be trained to correctly perform CPR since these work environments are highly prone to choking hazards. They need to be oriented in spotting key distress actions of persons with blocked airways, acting out to remove the blockade choking them. Diners should not have to suffer and wait for an individual who knows how to perform a Heimlich maneuver and CPR. A restaurant staff member should jump right into action to perform the CPR themselves.

  • Child Care Facilities
    Toddlers and preschoolers are all the more prone to choking hazards, considering that their oral stages are still developing. One way or another, children may put objects in their mouths that could potentially get lodged in their throats. As a reminder, kids do not necessarily know how to ask for medical help. Facility teachers and staff members equally need to undergo CPR Training to help them identify children who are choking. Individuals only have 6 minutes from the time of cardiac arrest and within this time frame. CPR should have already been administered to the choking child to prevent brain damage due to the lack of oxygen.

  • Offices
    Offices should be filled with employees who are capable of performing CPR. Any employee could be faced with stress from overwhelming workloads that are too much to handle on top of other health factors that could possibly cause a nervous breakdown. Employees need to look out for one another even if help is on the way. CPR Training and Emergency Management in Alvin, Texas can significantly reduce fatality when CPR can be performed immediately.

For other emergency management training, our Fire Safety Consultant in Houston, Texas will help redefine your organization’s safety standards because teamwork is still fundamental in building a strong organization of self-sufficient and able bodies.

Contact us at Diffusion Fire Investigation and Safety Consultants for a complete workforce equipped with CPR training.

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