5 Causes of Fire in the Work Place and How to Avoid Them

  1. Faulty electronic work

    You’ve heard about it on the radio, you’ve seen it on the news. Defective electronic work has been one of the most common causes of fire in any establishment. However, the reason behind this often varies. A fire that has sparked from electrical problems may have been a result of overloaded plugs, old equipment, loose wiring, or a cocktail of all those mentioned.

    Thankfully, fires from faulty electronic work can be easily prevented. All you need to do is merely schedule preventive maintenance for your equipment and electrical lines regularly to keep them in pristine condition.

  2. Disorganized work area

    Without constant housekeeping, your work area would be left cluttered and untidy. On top of that, dust and grime can build on machinery and cause it to overheat and lead to fire (especially in poorly ventilated spaces).

    It’s paramount that you keep your office clean and free of dust as much as possible. Doing so, along with regular safety inspections will significantly lower the risk of a fire.

  3. Combustible materials

    A lot of offices rely on paper, cardboard, and other similar materials to get the job done. While these items may be more eco-friendly, they too can serve as good fuel for a fire. So, what’s the best course of action to address this?

    There are two main options. Store them in secure containers, or opt to have them dispose of on a regular basis.

  4. Human Error and Negligence

    If your work site has a lot of employees on board, lapses are unavoidable to occur. Usual human errors that lead to fires may include mishandling equipment, forgetting to report faulty machinery and other unguided habits that could lead to accidents.

    In the case of negligence, a worker knowingly executes a hazardous activity that may lead to a fire. Instances that serve as an example of these include storing flammable items improperly.

    But when all of the personnel can undergo even the most basic fire safety training, hazards can be identified and remedied before it leads to a fire. For added safety, it would also be best to have functioning fire extinguishers at common areas to prevent a fire from getting out of control.

  5. Arson

    If it happens in the news, it can happen to you too. Alarming as it may be, arson is a common cause of fires in the workplace.  Arson is a frequent occurrence in factories and industrial sites which are vulnerable to vandals.

    The workplaces should take precaution by installing fire alarms, water sprinklers, and CCTV to avoid unwanted incidents. For added protection, you should also consider having Emergency Management in Alvin, Texas, from Diffusion Fire Investigations and Safety Consultants.

    With the outstanding service of a reliable and competent Fire Safety Consultant in Houston, Texas, at your side, you can count that the safety in your workplace will be significantly increased.

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